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Address: 5820 Clarksville Sq Dr Clarksville MD 21029

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6 or 12 Ultrasonic-Cavitation Treatments at Hulya's Holistic Medi-spa (Up to 95% Off)

Beauty sometimes requires assistance, which is why celebrities have personal stylists and a lot of the most famous constellations are actually CGI. Look like a star with this Groupon. Choose Between Two Options $99 for 6 ultrasonic-cavitation treatments (a $1,494 value) $149 for 12 ultrasonic-cavitation treatments (a $2,988 value) During noninvasive treatments, ultrasonic waves target and reduce unwanted fat in areas such as the arms, legs, and buttocks while leaving other tissues unharmed. The procedure is typically pain-free and requires no downtime. Hulya's Holistic Medi-spa The friendly staff of Hulya's Holistic Medi-spa, which includes a medical director, internationally trained aesthetician, and registered nurse, works to rejuvenate exteriors with a range of holistic treatments. Four chemical peels, exfoliating microdermabrasion sessions, and Isolaz laser treatments form a line of defense against face and body acne as impermeable as a jar of pickles sealed by the Hulk. The Isolaz laser also helps banish unwanted hair and sun damage. Hulya's menu of services is also etched with ear candling, far-infrared-sauna sessions, dermal fillers, and therapeutic massages.

Hulya's Holistic Medi-Spa
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One or Two Classic Manicures and Paraffin Pedicures at Solar Nails (52% off)

The foot holds more nerve endings than any other part of the body, which is why stubbing your toe is the worst way to die. Watch your step with this Groupon. Choose Between Two Options $20 for one classic manicure and paraffin pedicure (a $42 value) $40 for two classic manicures and paraffin pedicures (an $84 value) Technicians groom and polish nails during a mani-pedi, which typically lasts around 90 minutes. The pedicure includes a skin-softening paraffin treatment. Solar Nails A long row of plush, khaki-toned pedicure chairs on raised platforms lines a bright yellow interior lit by hanging lamps. The studio's service list includes waxing and facials, although the Solar pros specialize in nailcare. A warm paraffin treatment or french tips can be added to classic or Solar Deluxe mani-pedis, or clients can opt for acrylics or shellac gel polish for longer-lasting color that, like a selfless poker player, resists chips. Solar's technicians also gussy up nails with colorful patterns and intricate freehand designs.

52% OFF

$85 for Medical Microdermabrasion Session ($175 Value)

Clogged pores and dead skin cells leave your face looking sallow and tired. Medical Microdermabrasion uses high velocity application of minute, perfectly round particles and suction to clean out pores and remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin smooth and silky and improving circulation. The fresh, new skin it reveals is then ready to soak up all those expensive, anti-aging creams and serums more efficiently. At the Parma Center for Health, Medicine and Wellness, they speak the language of "health and beauty first." The combination of expert professionals, state of the art equipment, personal attention and a tranquil ambiance provides a nurturing foundation enabling physical, emotional and mental equilibrium. Located on State Route 677 conveniently close to the Capital Beltway, the Parma Center for Health, Medicine and Wellness provides a wide range of beauty and wellness services to clients in the Washington Metropolitan area. They are redefining the spa experience by offering a wide range of contemporary and ancient health services in one destination.

51% OFF

$35 for a 30 Minute Acupressure with Oil & 30 Minute Reflexology Massage ($70 value)

Improve your bodies balance and Chi with this deal on a 30 Minute Acupressure with Oil & 30 Minute Reflexology Massage. Acupressure has been around for thousands of years and is prominent in Asian countries. It works based on the idea that the life force in nature, known as Chi, runs through pathways in the body called meridians. Acupressure is the process of pressing points in the body that will balance and unblock the flow of chi through the meridians. Acupressure will help stave off illness and has the additional benefits of circulating blood and oxygen through the muscles through massage. Reflexology is a popular alternative therapy. It promotes relaxation, improves circulation, reduces pain, soothes tired feet, and encourages overall healing. The underlying theory behind reflexology is that there are “reflex” areas on the feet and hands that correspond to specific organs, glands, and other parts of the body. Indulge in this 30-minute massage and restore balance to your health and wellness today.

50% OFF

$35 for a Dental Package with Exam, Cleaning, and X-rays at Right Dental Group ($300 Value)

Though fake vampire fangs were originally designed to conceal uncleanly teeth, their waxy composition rendered them useless for chewing anything but dough balls dipped in water. Properly protect pointy chompers with today’s Groupon: for $35, you get a comprehensive dental package at Right Dental Group (a $300 value). This Groupon is valid at seven DC-area locations and all other locations nationwide. The dental package includes: Exam Cleaning X-rays With hundreds of locations across the country, Right Dental Group represents a collection of oral-health-care professionals who deliver a variety of quality dental services. The collective places an emphasis on relationship building—meaning patients can confess their most egregious toffee-apple trespasses while receiving a teeth scrubbing delivered with precision and understanding. Each of the dentists is prescreened for a consistent record of excellence and the ability to efficiently locate a cavity in a toothstack. A skilled doctor and staff will skillfully probe forgotten mouth corners, eradicating tartar and expunging plaque from bacterial lairs. The included x-rays will help uncover any oral problem areas that cannot be seen with the shamelessly naked eye. After treatment, clients will be privy to tips that explain the proper brushing and flossing techniques to ward off gum disease and tooth loss, ensuring tongue-stoppers remain firmly rooted to the rest of the skeletal system.

88% OFF

One Month of Unlimited Women's Bootcamp Classes

Your secret shame? You're harboring an entire closet full of useless exercise equipment from fads gone past. Stop getting your fitness tips from informercials and start a program that will actually have you fit, healthy and toned - a program where you get back exactly what you put in. With this offer from Achieve Fitness, attend up to three bootcamp classes a week for a full month, getting you leaner, stronger, more flexible and more confident in your own skin. Classes are for women only (no sweaty dudes in muscle shirts), and they take place outdoors so you can enjoy sun and spring breezes while you lunge, crunch and push-up your way to a fabulous body. You and your classmates will make use of body bars, resistance bands and your own body weight to tone up, while mixing in cardio to get your heart pumping. Your inspiring instructor and motivated classmates will hold you accountable... unlike that Bowflex collecting dust in your attic.

73% OFF

Dental Exam, Cleaning, and X-rays or Zoom! Teeth Whitening at Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry of Maryland (Up to 77% Off)

A focused beam of light can do many things, from whitening teeth to murdering a terrifying shadow puppet. Brighten up with this Groupon. Choose Between Two Options $45 for a new-patient exam, cleaning, and bitewing x-rays (a $180 value) $129 for an in-office Zoom! teeth-whitening session (a $550 value) Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry of Maryland At Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry of Maryland, Howard Rothschild, DDS uses his 30 years of experience and extensive training to care for patients. After spending two years with the 101st Airborne Division, Dr. Rothschild went on to teach as an assistant professor at the University of Maryland Dental School and provide dental services to the Baltimore Colts. Dr. Rothschild and his team furthered their education at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, where they learned about cutting-edge techniques, such as porcelain-veneer smile makeovers. Other high-tech equipment includes a computerized anesthetic system that minimizes discomfort and the CEREC system, which allows staff to fabricate ceramic restorations in one visit rather than outfitting teeth with temporary crowns or tiny motorcycle helmets.

75% OFF

$100 for Spider Vein Removal at Aphrodite Advanced Esthetic and Skin Care Clinic ($200 value)

Spider veins can cause serious discomfort and make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. That’s why the Aphrodite Advanced Esthetic and Skin Care Clinic in McLean, Virginia offers the latest cosmetic techniques to eliminate unsightly veins caused by natural aging, sun exposure, pregnancy and other factors. Right now, you can visit this ultra-modern clinic and received advanced laser treatment for three spider veins for only $100, a $200 value. The Aphrodite Clinic specializes in cutting-edge cosmetic procedures for weight loss, skin revitalization, hair removal and anti-aging, requiring few or no invasive methods. Inspired by the Greek goddess that gives this treatment center its name, Aphrodite Clinic aims to make patients feel beautiful from the inside out with natural enhancements that promote youthfulness and health. The spider vein removal treatment uses low intensity lasers to transmit energy to problem veins, reducing dilation and gradually eliminating visibility. Not only does the treatment come with an exciting 50% discount, but you’ll feel confident again showing off a youthful face or legs free of spider veins.

50% OFF

$39 for a One-Month Unlimited Membership at Koko FitClub ($139 Value). Four Locations Available.

In fitness and flying, the hardest part is the takeoff, which is usually beset by geese flocks of the migratory or deep-fried variety. Take wing healthily with this Groupon. $39 for One-Month Unlimited Membership ($139 Value) Along with a Koko Key for automated fitness sessions, members receive an after-hours access key and an online suite to track their fitness journey. Koko FitClub Koko FitClub’s automated personal-training system rockets both men and women toward fitness goals with 30-minute custom workouts that incorporate cardio and strength training. An initial consultation determines fitness levels and baseline measurements, which Koko’s computerized equipment uses to design a tailored workout plan that precisely measures the weight, pace, and rest time appropriate for each exerciser. The Koko machines guide exercisers through each workout and adapt as the user’s fitness needs change in order to constantly challenge the body. Designed by professional trainers, workouts maximize the body’s lean-muscle mass, which can boost metabolism and help fight off disease by challenging viruses to kickboxing matches. Exercisers can track their shrinking waistlines and swelling muscles online by analyzing workout scores and comparing individual fitness levels to the Koko FitClub community.

71% OFF

One or Two i-Lipo Body-Contouring Treatments at The G Spa International (Up to 84% Off)

Displaying your cellulite-free legs at the beach will let you feel as confident as the lifeguard who allowed himself to be swallowed by a shark so that he could beat it up from the inside. Be the star of the beach with this Groupon. Choose Between Two Options $69 for one i-Lipo treatment (a $300 value) $99 for two i-Lipo treatments (a $600 value) During the nearly 20-minute sessions, a calibrated laser sweeps over targeted areas, where it penetrates the skin to release stored calories. The cells' released contents are then metabolized into energy upon contact with the laser. Treatments are virtually discomfort-free and require no down-time. The G Spa International Dr. G. Hudson Drakes founded his med spa to offer laser aesthetics, peels, and injectables in an environment focused on client comfort and tranquility. He and Dr. James Benjamin, known as one of the first founders of the National Medical Association's plastic-surgery division, help patients reach cosmetic goals, whether they involve slimming down, removing spider veins, or becoming a dolphin, amid serene blue walls, potted palms, and plush white couches and chairs illuminated by the glow of crystal chandeliers.

83% OFF

12 or 24 Laser Hair-Restoration Treatments with Consultation at Giannotto Clinic (Up to 81% Off)

Most people value you for what is on the outside, except for dogs, who can smell that you are full of bones. Upgrade your outsides with this Groupon. Choose Between Two Options $199 for 12 laser hair-restoration treatments with a complimentary consultation (a $780 value) $299 for 24 laser hair-restoration treatments with a complimentary consultation (a $1,560 value) Hair restoration journeys commence with an initial consultation that involves an evaluation of the patient’s hair and scalp condition. During each 25-minute treatment, a freestanding laser device emits low-level energy up to 10 mm into the scalp to help stimulate follicle growth and decrease the rate of hair loss. Giannotto Clinic For more than 20 years, Dr. Richard P. Giannotto—a Georgetown University School of Medicine graduate—has employed the latest in hair and skincare technology to keep men aging gracefully. To help thicken manes affected by hair loss, Dr. Giannotto performs a thorough evaluation to determine his client's needs before crafting a custom treatment plan from a slate of innovative regimens. Low-level lasers take a noninvasive approach to staving off future thinning by stimulating follicles at the root. For extensive hair loss, more intense methods such as follicular unit extraction surgically extract one strand at a time from the scalp’s lusher patches and place them in areas that need more growth, much like Robin Hood’s approach to gardening. Meanwhile, skincare and preventative aging treatments keep the rest of men’s features fresh. Fine lines and drooping skin benefit from liquid face-lifts, which rely on dermal injections to plump and smooth visage tissues, and microdermabrasion and chemical peels call on DermaMed and Obagi skincare products to refine the entire complexion. The clinic's holistic Quality of Life Medical Program also helps clients ward off signs of age through hormone therapy, proper nutrition, stress management, and turning clients’ baseball caps backwards.

74% OFF