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Address: 5820 Clarksville Sq Dr Clarksville MD 21029

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6 or 12 Ultrasonic-Cavitation Treatments at Hulya's Holistic Medi-spa (Up to 95% Off)

Beauty sometimes requires assistance, which is why celebrities have personal stylists and a lot of the most famous constellations are actually CGI. Look like a star with this Groupon. Choose Between Two Options $99 for 6 ultrasonic-cavitation treatments (a $1,494 value) $149 for 12 ultrasonic-cavitation treatments (a $2,988 value) During noninvasive treatments, ultrasonic waves target and reduce unwanted fat in areas such as the arms, legs, and buttocks while leaving other tissues unharmed. The procedure is typically pain-free and requires no downtime. Hulya's Holistic Medi-spa The friendly staff of Hulya's Holistic Medi-spa, which includes a medical director, internationally trained aesthetician, and registered nurse, works to rejuvenate exteriors with a range of holistic treatments. Four chemical peels, exfoliating microdermabrasion sessions, and Isolaz laser treatments form a line of defense against face and body acne as impermeable as a jar of pickles sealed by the Hulk. The Isolaz laser also helps banish unwanted hair and sun damage. Hulya's menu of services is also etched with ear candling, far-infrared-sauna sessions, dermal fillers, and therapeutic massages.

Hulya's Holistic Medi-Spa
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Two IPL Photofacial Treatments on a Small, Medium, or Large Area at Liquid Facelift Centers (Up to 79% Off)

Symmetry is an attribute of classic beauty, though this fails to explain the majesty of a mountain or the allure of a dog with a prosthetic leg. Make everybody stare with this Groupon. Choose from Three Options $129 for two IPL photofacial treatments on a small area (a $600 value) $199 for two IPL photofacial treatments on a medium area (an $800 value) $349 for two IPL photofacial treatments on a large area (a $1,500 value) IPL photofacials use Palomar technologies. See a list of treatment areas. Liquid Facelift Centers Certified ophthalmologist Dr. Anouche M. Roberts of Liquid Facelift Centers combines surgical expertise with a passion for aesthetics. Her expert knowledge of the face aids her as she wards off signs of aging with dermal fillers and battles spider veins, unwanted hair, and stretch marks with lasers. An attention to detail and knack for all things artistic round out Dr. Roberts’ qualifications and explain her affinity for cross-stitching all of her patients’ post-op prescriptions rather than writing them.

78% OFF

$49 for a 60-Minute Massage at Foundation Fitness ($100 Value)

Whether you need relaxation or injury recovery, the certified massage therapists at Foundation Fitness in Georgetown and Annandale take extra care to instill comfort and relief. The Foundation Fitness team offers swedish massage therapy, deep tissue massage therapy, pre-natal massages, and aromatherapy massages. Well versed in various massage modalities, your massage therapist will get to the root of your pain in order to help you find long term relief. Regular massage therapy will not only help allieviate stress and anxiety, but it also increases the level of oxygen in the blood, decreases muscle toxins, and improves circulation and flexibility while easing tension. Listen to your body's aches and pains, and purchase this offer today. The team at Foundation Fitness will help you feel your best again.

51% OFF

30-Day Passport Membership

51% Off 30-Day Passport Membership

51% OFF

Six Laser Hair-Removal Treatments on a Small, Medium, Large, or Extra-Large Area at Ageless Advantages (Up to 77% Off)

Hair almost always grows back, just like weeds and the Washington Monument. Smooth things over with this Groupon. Choose from Four Options $139 for six laser hair-removal treatments for a small area (a $600 value) $249 for six laser hair-removal treatments for a medium area (up to a $1,050 value) $399 for six laser hair-removal treatments for a large area (up to a $1,500 value) $749 for six laser hair-removal treatments for an extra-large area (up to a $3,000 value) Click here for a list of treatment areas. Ageless Advantages Helmed by skin expert Dr. David Charles, Ageless Advantages' staff rejuvenates skin with laser treatments, microdermabrasions, peels, and injectables. In addition to higher-tech solutions designed to make shaving or makeup unnecessary for anything besides advanced pet grooming, the team combats a variety of skin woes with BellaDerm products. The tonics and salves draw on natural, medical-grade emollients that aim beyond the surface all the way to cellular health.

76% OFF

Two, Four, or Six Lipo-Light Body-Slimming Treatments at Physicians Weight Loss Centers (Up to 87% Off)

Losing weight is a challenge almost as difficult as reading an entire dictionary or climbing a tree that’s covered in canola oil. Enlist expert help with this Groupon. Choose from Three Options $99 for two Lipo-Light body-sculpting treatments (a $600 value) $179 for four Lipo-Light body-sculpting treatments (a $1,200 value) $229 for six Lipo-Light body-sculpting treatments (an $1,800 value) Eight Lipo-Light pads cover areas clients want to slim, emitting LED light that aims to reduce the appearance of cellulite and potentially reduce inches. The painless light beams reach deep within the skin, prompting fat cells to release liquid contents, which are then processed by the body's lymphatic system. Treatments require no downtime and are most effective when paired with exercise and a healthy diet. Physicians Weight Loss Centers Under the expert guidance of medical director Dr. Alkesh Patel, the staff at Physicians Weight Loss Centers harnesses FDA-approved technology, nutrition programs, and other services to help patients shed inches and pounds. With expertise honed over more than three decades, the team administers shots of vitamin B12, provides meal-planning advice, and crafts detailed exercise programs. Zerona laser treatments help contour silhouettes with little-to-no downtime or risk of being misused by supervillains, and the powers of radio and magnetic frequencies help Venus Freeze treatments battle cellulite and loose skin.

83% OFF

One or Two Vaser Lipo Body-Contouring Treatments at Creative Cosmetic Surgery (63% Off)

It’s healthy to kick out excess fat cells, just like it’s healthy to kick out adult children who have asked for your blessing to marry the couch. Shed dead weight with this Groupon. Choose Between Two Options $1,499 for one Vaser Lipo body-contouring treatment (a $4,000 value) $2,999 for two Vaser Lipo body-contouring treatments (an $8,000 value) Performed under local anesthesia, Vaser Lipo, sometimes called the Charm City Body Makeover, is a minimally invasive body-contouring treatment that targets fat cells on a selected area. During appointments, which can last up to 2.5 hours, a special saline solution is injected into targeted areas to shrink blood vessels and make fat cells easier to remove. The doctor then makes tiny incisions in the skin, through which he inserts small probes that emit ultrasonic energy and search for UFOs. After the energy shakes the fat cells loose, a gentle suction device ousts them. Visible results begin to appear a few days later, with full results seen in about six months.

62% OFF

10 or 20 Barre, Yoga, or Pilates Classes at The Magnificent Body

In yoga, it's important to pay attention to what your body is telling you, such as "I can hold this pose for another 45 seconds, tops" or "You just put my hand down on a candle." Listen to your body with this Groupon. Choose Between Two Options $29 for 10 fitness classes (a $99 value) $39 for 20 fitness classes (a $198 value) Clients of all abilities can join in 45-minute yoga, Pilates, and barre classes—which incorporate moves from yoga, Pilates, and ballet—offered seven days a week. See the schedule. The Magnificent Body "I am magnificent. I am powerful," is the mantra fitness instructor Carl J. Powell III strives to instill into his students, hoping to empower them with the knowledge that they can take charge of their health. To help students make these changes, Carl—a wellness guru who has been featured in Ebony magazine—has made more than 20 fitness videos, and has traveled the world training dancers. His team of instructors leads private and group fitness classes at The Magnificent Body. They lead Pilates, yoga, and three styles of barre, which blends ballet, yoga, and Pilates exercises to sculpt long, lean figures. Before students come to their first class, Carl assesses their athletic abilities and fitness goals in a 30-minute personal consultation. Further encouraging folks to live healthier lifestyles, Carl hosts Magnificent Living, a one-hour talk show that airs on Laurel Cable. Six days a week, he doles out exercise and diet advice, such as eating fruits and veggies instead of butter sculptures.

70% OFF

European Facial with Vitaminizing, Oxygen Facial, or Glycolic Peel at Georgetown Electrolysis Skin Care (Up to 59% Off)

Beautiful faces are the only faces that get a chance to appear on magazine covers or in movies where high school seems fun. Get starlet fever with this Groupon. Choose from Three Options $59 for a European facial without extractions and a vitaminizing session (a $135 value) $69 for a European deep-cleansing facial with extractions and glycolic peel (a $160 value) $79 for a European deep-cleansing facial with extractions and an oxygen facial (a $195 value) An extraction-free European facial segues into a vitaminizing session, which balances tone and betters the specific trouble spots that plague the skin. The European deep-cleansing facial pairs with one of two upgrades. The glycolic peel retextures skin, exfoliating away dead cells and boosting the production of fresh ones. An oxygen facial treatment refreshes skin with a blast of oxygen that boosts cell regeneration, promoting a younger-looking façade. Georgetown Electrolysis Skin Care A regal lobby welcomes guests into Georgetown Electrolysis Skin Care, with swirled wallpaper accenting a corner fireplace, around which a chaise, an ottoman, and plush couches are situated. As they pass under a crystal-dripped chandelier and into private treatment rooms, guests will discover that the staff members who perform each service mirror the coziness of their confines. The spa’s specialties include deep-cleansing facials, massage, and body wraps that battle cellulite and unwanted inches. Staff members also use electrolysis and laser hair removal to permanently oust unwanted fuzz from the body, as well as from sheep who plan to retire to the Caribbean.

56% OFF

$25 for a women's haircut, shampoo, style and blow dry at Luxx Salon ($65 value)

Even the simplest haircut can produce remarkable effects – it can make you look more fun and relaxed or even reduce the number of enemy agents who recognize you. If you're ready for a hair change – from subtle to dramatic – just head to Luxx Salon, where today’s kgbdeal will get you a women's cut, style, and blow dry for $25. Or, give mom the ultimate salon experience with a Mother's Day package: cut, single color or partial highlights, hot oil treatment and eyebrow wax. Think about the look that you want, work with your stylist to create it, and watch as your tresses are transformed into something extraordinary. Luxx Salon is conveniently located near the Ballston and Virginia Square metro stations, so hop on the train and stop by for a game-changing look today.Reviews:Luxx Salon has a 3.5-star rating and 5 reviews on Google: "Magic!...My hair looks great!...The staff is very friendly... I finally found a stylist I plan to stick with." –Ariel

61% OFF

One or Three Detox Packages at Help for Health (Up to 66% Off)

It's important to stay healthy so that you can live long enough to see the next generation of cola lovers. Never go flat with this Groupon. Choose Between Two Options $89 for one detox package (a $195 value) $199 for three detox packages (a $585 value) Each detox package includes a colonic, an infrared ozone sauna session, and turbo-sonic-trainer therapy. Help for Health The staff at Help for Health boosts clients' self confidence and natural beauty with a roster of detoxifying services that promote weight loss and well-being. LipoLaser body sculpting and whole-body vibration sessions can work to contour the body, and lymphatic-drainage therapy and far-infrared saunas encourage the body to secrete toxins through sweat and peer pressure. All treatments are natural and sustainable and come accompanied with a ton of information to keep clients in the know about the services and their own body's natural responses.

54% OFF