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Address: 5820 Clarksville Sq Dr Clarksville MD 21029

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6 or 12 Ultrasonic-Cavitation Treatments at Hulya's Holistic Medi-spa (Up to 95% Off)

Beauty sometimes requires assistance, which is why celebrities have personal stylists and a lot of the most famous constellations are actually CGI. Look like a star with this Groupon. Choose Between Two Options $99 for 6 ultrasonic-cavitation treatments (a $1,494 value) $149 for 12 ultrasonic-cavitation treatments (a $2,988 value) During noninvasive treatments, ultrasonic waves target and reduce unwanted fat in areas such as the arms, legs, and buttocks while leaving other tissues unharmed. The procedure is typically pain-free and requires no downtime. Hulya's Holistic Medi-spa The friendly staff of Hulya's Holistic Medi-spa, which includes a medical director, internationally trained aesthetician, and registered nurse, works to rejuvenate exteriors with a range of holistic treatments. Four chemical peels, exfoliating microdermabrasion sessions, and Isolaz laser treatments form a line of defense against face and body acne as impermeable as a jar of pickles sealed by the Hulk. The Isolaz laser also helps banish unwanted hair and sun damage. Hulya's menu of services is also etched with ear candling, far-infrared-sauna sessions, dermal fillers, and therapeutic massages.

Hulya's Holistic Medi-Spa
93% OFF

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One or Two i-Lipo Body-Contouring Treatments at The G Spa International (Up to 84% Off)

Displaying your cellulite-free legs at the beach will let you feel as confident as the lifeguard who allowed himself to be swallowed by a shark so that he could beat it up from the inside. Be the star of the beach with this Groupon. Choose Between Two Options $69 for one i-Lipo treatment (a $300 value) $99 for two i-Lipo treatments (a $600 value) During the nearly 20-minute sessions, a calibrated laser sweeps over targeted areas, where it penetrates the skin to release stored calories. The cells' released contents are then metabolized into energy upon contact with the laser. Treatments are virtually discomfort-free and require no down-time. The G Spa International Dr. G. Hudson Drakes founded his med spa to offer laser aesthetics, peels, and injectables in an environment focused on client comfort and tranquility. He and Dr. James Benjamin, known as one of the first founders of the National Medical Association's plastic-surgery division, help patients reach cosmetic goals, whether they involve slimming down, removing spider veins, or becoming a dolphin, amid serene blue walls, potted palms, and plush white couches and chairs illuminated by the glow of crystal chandeliers.

83% OFF

One or Three Swedish or Deep-Tissue Massages at My Baltimore Massage (Up to 63% Off)

Massage is a necessary part of athletes' regimens, as it prepares them for the rigors of darting across the field to get away from a weird-looking bug. Calm down with this Groupon. Choose Between Two Options $39 for one 60-minute Swedish or deep-tissue massage (a $90 value) $99 for three 60-minute Swedish or deep-tissue massages (a $270 value) Deep-tissue massage eases the deep layers of muscle, which can often become tense due to heavy physical activity. Swedish massage gently strokes the surface muscles to increase oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins. My Baltimore Massage While studying flute performance and classical dance at the University of Wyoming, Michelle Shaw's endeavors were hampered by constant back pain. She sought relief through massage therapy and yoga, and this holistic care soon developed into a passion, inspiring her to attend the Baltimore School of Massage. She now helps others revel in muscle relief at Mount Vernon Wellness. Within a private treatment room overseen by a serene painting of Buddha, she eases sports- and work-related injuries, which are often caused by repetitive motion, poor posture, and pole-vaulting over cubicles. To treat these ailments, she draws on an array of modalities such as Swedish, deep-tissue, and reflexology massage. She also employs traditional Thai-massage techniques, which incorporate pressure-point therapy, energy work, and yoga-like stretching to regain bodily balance.

56% OFF

60- or 90-Minute Custom Massage at Soul Relaxed Massage Spa (Up to 59% Off)

A sore back can make everyday tasks harder, from crawling out of bed in the morning to sewing yourself into bed at night. Add relaxation to your routine with this Groupon. Choose Between Two Options $39 for a 60-minute custom massage (an $85 value) $49 for a 90-minute custom massage (a $120 value) Soul Relaxed Massage Spa Within Soul Relaxed Massage Spa, registered massage therapist Tierney Mitchell makes relaxation and health her life's work. After clients arrive, Ms. Mitchell chats with them to discuss possible treatments and pinpoint problematic conditions, such as injuries or spring-loaded limbs. She then uses techniques such as Swedish, myofascial release, and deep tissue to knead knotted muscles into states of relaxation. To enhance treatments, Ms. Mitchell can fill the massage room with scents of aromatherapy or employ hot stones that cause muscles to melt.

54% OFF

$125 for One VelaShape Treatment ($400 Value)

VelaShape is the only FDA cleared device that effectively and safely contours, shapes and slims the body by reducing cellulite and firming problem areas in as little as four treatments. Using a combination of infrared light energy, radio frequency and mechanical manipulation therapies, VelaShape targets and heats fatty tissues within the treatment area, while the vacuum and tissue manipulation evens out the skin to reveal a smoother figure. With this special offer, pay just $125 for a VelaShape treatment of one selected body area at The Holistic Life Center! The Holistic Life Center provides a wide variety of holistic health services ranging from acupuncture to herbology, massage therapy, skin care, physical therapy and chiropractic services to prevent and alleviate many common medical conditions. Located on Executive Boulevard near Old Georgetown Road, the Holistic Health Center provides residents of the greater Rockville area with safe, non-invasive fat reduction options for a happier, healthier lifestyle.

68% OFF

10 or 20 Krav Maga Classes at Silverback Academy (Up to 75% Off)

Like practicing the piano while leg-pressing another piano, martial arts help develop strength and discipline simultaneously. Bolster body and mind with this Groupon. Choose Between Two Options $49 for 10 krav maga self-defense classes (a $150 value) $75 for 20 krav maga self-defense classes (a $300 value) Developed in the late 1940s and later adopted by the Israeli Defense Forces, krav maga condenses lessons learned on the battlefield into simultaneous offensive and defensive maneuvers. During one-hour classes, students fend off chokes, grapples, and punches often found in real-life attack situations, and mental exercises train their senses to be more aware of their surroundings. Students learn striking and grappling through sparring matches, and stress drills prepare the mind to perform under duress. The system's simple, explosive maneuvers are designed to work with each person's natural instincts, instead of their unnatural sixth sense. Silverback Academy Practicing martial arts for the past 20 years, Sean "The Silverback" Stoopman has earned master bodyguard instructor certification, a Brazilian jujitsu purple belt, and a first-degree black belt through Israeli Krav International. He now lends his notorious nickname and ample expertise to teaching classes at Silverback Academy with the aid of five other trainers, each with a litany of their own achievements. The school's disciplines are split among the practical striking, locking, and stress tests of krav maga training, and the competitive submission grappling art of Brazilian jujitsu.

67% OFF

$100 for Spider Vein Removal at Aphrodite Advanced Esthetic and Skin Care Clinic ($200 value)

Spider veins can cause serious discomfort and make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. That’s why the Aphrodite Advanced Esthetic and Skin Care Clinic in McLean, Virginia offers the latest cosmetic techniques to eliminate unsightly veins caused by natural aging, sun exposure, pregnancy and other factors. Right now, you can visit this ultra-modern clinic and received advanced laser treatment for three spider veins for only $100, a $200 value. The Aphrodite Clinic specializes in cutting-edge cosmetic procedures for weight loss, skin revitalization, hair removal and anti-aging, requiring few or no invasive methods. Inspired by the Greek goddess that gives this treatment center its name, Aphrodite Clinic aims to make patients feel beautiful from the inside out with natural enhancements that promote youthfulness and health. The spider vein removal treatment uses low intensity lasers to transmit energy to problem veins, reducing dilation and gradually eliminating visibility. Not only does the treatment come with an exciting 50% discount, but you’ll feel confident again showing off a youthful face or legs free of spider veins.

50% OFF

30-Day Passport Membership

One-Month All-Access Membership to 18 Locations in the DC Metro Area for $24

51% OFF

$30 for Introductory Acupuncture Fertility Treatment ($60 Value)

If you are pregnant or thinking about conceiving, don't miss out on today's deal for a consultation with acupuncturist and fertility expert, Mika Lawrence at Silver Leaf Acupuncture. An ancient Chinese treatment, acupuncture uses thread thin needles that are painlessly inserted into the skin to stir energy in the body to treat and prevent illness. Acupuncture not only promotes overall health and wellness but is known to increase chances of fertility, promote a healthy pregnancy and can even decrease the chances of a miscarriage. When combined with a prescribed change in diet and lifestyle, acupuncture can help couples conceive within 3-6 months and continued treatments at any stage of life can even curb the effects of postpartum depression and menopause. For only $30, you will receive a 30-45 minute consultation where Mika will answer your questions, assess your situation, and design a treatment regiment that’s right for you. No matter what your goals are for treatment, Silver Leaf Acupuncture will provide a safe and comfortable environment and will help lead you on the right path for you and your child. Silver Leaf Acupuncture is located just off of 695 within the Heart Nest Wellness Center in Catonsville, MD.

50% OFF

$45 for choice of 60-minute Swedish or Deep Tissue massage or 1-hour private couple's massage class + $20 gift card for use at next visit at Creative Hands Massage ($105 value)

If you have to stop and think about the last time you did something for yourself, the answer is, it's been too long. Pamper yourself at Creative Hands Massage with choice of a 60-minute Swedish or Deep Tissue massage or 60-minute private couple's massage class for $45. Receive a $20 gift card to be used toward the service of your choice at your next visit. This top-notch spa facility features a professional and caring staff. Just relax and enjoy the pampering at 57% off thanks to today's kgbdeal. Reviews: Creative Hands Massage has an average Yelp rating of 3 stars from 14 reviewers: “…the staff is lovely and [they] listen to your concerns…This [place] is a great find (and it even has parking!). I will be back!” –Valarie C. on 3/4/2012

57% OFF

$25 for a 60-minute manicure and pedicure (includes 10 minute dry time) at Relaxed Spa ($50 value)

September got you down? Best way to ease into fall and is to treat yourself to something special. Reward yourself at Relaxed Spa with a manicure and pedicure for $25, no-chip Shellac or Gel mani for $20 or Brazilian wax for $25. Whatever your pampering pleasure, Relaxed Spa makes it happen. Whether you indulge in a 60-minute mani/pedi that includes drying time, a long-lasting mani or primping and pampering wax, your September blues are sure to be long gone. Save on some needed pampering with today's kgbdeals.

50% OFF