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$59 for 4.3" TFT LCD Touch Screen Windows GPS Navigation System + free shipping from BuySku ($149 value)

Directionally challenged? Know someone who is? You came to the right place. Get yourself a 4.3" TFT LCD Touch Screen Windows CE 6.0 4GB Car GPS Navigation System from BuySku and travel on that highway of life. This handy device takes you where you need to be and gets you there on time. It also includes a multimedia player, FM radio and SD card slot. Save 60% on the ultimate gift for anyone you know who has places to be with today’s kgbdeal.

60% OFF

$21 for black S9 wireless Bluetooth headphones with microphone + shipping included from ($49 value)

Living cord-free is more than just a decision – it's a lifestyle. Step out of the tangles and enjoy a simpler, more streamlined existence with a pair of black S9 wireless Bluetooth headphones with microphone from These super high-tech headphones pair with any Bluetooth enabled device and allow you to listen to music or talk on the phone without plugging into an audio jack. Declare your independence from cords and save 57% with today's kgbdeal.

57% OFF

$26 for iPad 2/The new iPad Bluetooth Keyboard with aluminum alloy case + shipping included from ($69 value)

There’s something incredibly satisfying about the tappity tap of an emphatic keyboard pounding that just doesn’t translate to the touchscreen. Enjoy the portability of your iPad 2 or The new iPad with the functionality of a laptop when you get a Rechargeable Bluetooth Keyboard from The Bluetooth keyboard allows your iPad to morph into a mini laptop that’s just as lightweight and stylish as ever, but still retains the keyboard that you’ve been missing. It also acts as a screen protector only to cover your device when you're not using it. Slide it right into your handbag and bring it with you everywhere. It’s only $26 + shipping included with today’s kgbdeal.

62% OFF

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daily deals Glendale
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$15 for $30 towards Women's shoes


50% OFF

Three-Hour Photo Booth Rental with Attendant and Flash Drive or DVD of Images

Great things come in small packages -- but when it comes to your event, you want something with a more bang than your Aunt Edna's disposable point-and-shoot. Snap up a three-hour photo booth rental from K2 Photo Booth for $349 (regularly $699) and provide the partygoers at your next bash with some much-needed elbow room. Comfortably pile as many as five friends in this state-of-the-art photo booth, delivered to homes within Sarasota and Manatee Counties. Using high-quality dye-sublimation printers for longer-lasting, smudge resistant memories, each booth prints two 2x8 strips of four photos with each session -- one for you, and one for your guests -- in just 30 seconds. Choose color or black-and-white, and even customize your prints with a logo, event date, and more. You'll also get a flash drive or DVD containing all your event's images and 12 months of online viewing, along with your own attendant -- not such a small package, for such a tiny price. Want more Check out K2 Photo Booth on Facebook.

50% OFF

18 Holes of Golf for Two People

For some, a dove symbolizes peace. For you, any birdie will do. Find your Zen with today's deal from Songbird Hills Golf Club: $26 for 18 holes of golf for two people (a $52 value). Bluebird houses denote the 150-yard marks at this 20-year-old Hartland course, which was dreamed up and designed by a local. Bring a buddy and tee off on the lush, well-groomed, par-70 course, sure to challenge and delight. You'll stroll along the magnificently landscaped terrain, where sparkling ponds, flowerbeds, and rolling hills frame each stroke. The peaceful soundtrack of local songbirds will make your experience all the more harmonious. Want more Check out Songbird Hills Golf Club on Facebook.

50% OFF

Custom T-Shirt with Design Help

Birds of a feather might flock together, but you've never been one to follow the crowd. Embellish your own plumage with today's deal from Mother Falcon: Spend $12 for a custom T-shirt plus in-house design assistance (regularly $44.99). Spread your wings of self-expression by having your own digital text, artwork, photo, or design custom-printed onto a signature cotton T-shirt in as little as 45 minutes using on-premise technology that customizes your tee on the spot. Don't have your own image No problem; simply browse the shop's extensive catalog of artwork until something catches your eagle eye. This hip and eclectic store is nestled in downtown Orlando's Thornton Park neighborhood, where it's open until 7 p.m. on weekdays -- so prepare to look like one cool chick or radical rooster. Want more Check out Mother Falcon on Facebook.

73% OFF

$29 for a 16 x 20 custom wall art scroll from Print My Watercolor

***Redeem Online: The codes will be valid immediately after your purchase on Eversave. Getting ready for back-to-school reminds you of spending days tacking up elaborate dorm-room photo collages. While your taste in displays has changed, you're still always looking for a unique way to show off your treasured photos. We've got a new one for you — today's Save from Print my Watercolor.Here's the deal: $29 for a 16 x 20-inch watercolor wall art scroll in brushstrokesBrush off your photos: With this easy process, Print My Watercolor elevates your portrait, landscape or candid snapshot with the softening, artistic effect of brushstrokes.Hang in style: Each watercolor print comes attached to wooden bars and with a leather strap for hanging.How can you Save? Learn how it works.

78% OFF

$20 for 12 Macarons Trendy Assortment from Pavillon Ledoyen ($42 value)

In the original lyrics to the song, Yankee Doodle was going to stick a feather in his hat and call it a macaron, but he couldn't confuse such a delectable, gourmet treat for a feather. Instead, he fueled up on macarons before riding on his pony. Taste the melt-in-your-mouth goodness that Yankee Doodle tasted when you grab your choice of today's kgbdeal: $20 for 12 Macarons Classical Assortment, $20 for 12 Macarons Trendy Assortment or $38 for 24 Classical & Trendy Macarons Assortment, courtesy of Pavillon Ledoyen. The flavors in the Classical Assortment are chocolate, vanille, café, caramel, pistache and raspberry, while the Trendy Assortment includes white chocolate/lemon, chocolate/mandarina, lime/yusu, poppy/chocolate-raspberry, nougat/apricot and licorice/vanilla. These delicious, smooth and creamy treats are great for parties, as gifts or simply for the purpose of feeding your inner goddess, but no matter how you enjoy them, you'll save up to 53% with today's kgbdeal.About Pavillon Ledoyen: More than 250 years ago, Pierre-Michel Ledoyen began making his own macarons, spirits and other delicacies in a small inn, where cattle grazed sleepily outside. In the centuries that have followed, chefs at Pavillon Ledoyen Paris have had ample time to perfect the recipes for balsamic vinegar, foie gras and chocolate truffles. Macarons fill glass cases, their colorful flavors ranging from vanilla and pistachio to metallic-hued licorice or poppy. 

52% OFF

$20 for a Flash LED Dog Leash - Tax and Shipping Included! ($60 Value)

What You're Getting: $20 for a Flash LED Dog Collar - Taxes and Shipping Included! ($60 Value) Features/Specifications: Colours Available: Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink. 3 Flashing Modes: Quickly Flashing, Slowly Flashing, Lighten Up (all controlled by a conveniently located button) Dimensions: Width: 2cm Length: 120cm How You Get It: Purchase your TeamBuy. At checkout, make your colour selections and enter your address information. Product will be mailed out to you after the deal ends and arrive in 3-4 weeks.

66% OFF

EcoClean A/C Tune-Up for One Unit

You always wash behind your ears and between your toes, but your home has some tough-to-reach spots of its ownDepend on techs to deep clean your cooling system's indoor coil with their signature, patented EcoClean tune-upIn-depth cleaning removes particles like dander, hair, dust mites, and mold from the A/C air handlerShower your cooling system with a squeaky-clean service from this insured local company founded in 1951 Want more Check out Unique Air Services's website.

50% OFF

$29 for a 12-pack of Envirotech Earth 23 Watt Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs from ($105 value)

It’s a fact that we all need to think about saving the planet these days, and one way you can contribute is by using the right kind of light bulbs. Trouble is, it costs a lot more to buy them in the first place, which is why today's kgbdeal will get you some amazing light bulbs that will save energy, and save you money on your energy bills, too!For just $29, you can light up your home with a 12-pack of Envirotech Earth 23W Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (reg. $105), or you can buy a Whole Home Conversion Kit: (12) 13W Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs and (12) 23W bulbs for $58 (reg. $210), all courtesy of Each of these bulbs last up to 9,000 hours, are Energy-Star rated and have a 1-year limited warranty by the manufacturer, so give in and save an amazing 72% on your choice of today's kgbdeal. 

72% OFF

One-Hour On-Location Photo Session on the Eastern Shore with Prints ($59), One-Hour In-Studio Photo Session with Prints ($49)

You just adore the family photo hanging above your mantel, but it's just a tad... outdated: You're sporting a frizzy perm, your husband has one to match, and your child -- then an infant -- has no hair at all. Find a new favorite to hang over the fireplace with today's deal from Renner Photography: Pay $59 (regularly $195) for a one-hour on-location session on the Eastern Shore, $49 (regularly $170) for a one-hour in-studio photo session, or $79 (regularly $245) for a beach photo session -- and with any option, get one 8x10, two 5x7s, and one sheet of wallet-sized prints. For your on-location session, choose your favorite spot within 15 miles of 36532; or, opt for the beach photo session at Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, or Fort Morgan. Freshen up photo albums and frames, and give those old snapshots the brush-off.

69% OFF