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$59 for 4.3" TFT LCD Touch Screen Windows GPS Navigation System + free shipping from BuySku ($149 value)

Directionally challenged? Know someone who is? You came to the right place. Get yourself a 4.3" TFT LCD Touch Screen Windows CE 6.0 4GB Car GPS Navigation System from BuySku and travel on that highway of life. This handy device takes you where you need to be and gets you there on time. It also includes a multimedia player, FM radio and SD card slot. Save 60% on the ultimate gift for anyone you know who has places to be with today’s kgbdeal.

60% OFF

$21 for black S9 wireless Bluetooth headphones with microphone + shipping included from ($49 value)

Living cord-free is more than just a decision – it's a lifestyle. Step out of the tangles and enjoy a simpler, more streamlined existence with a pair of black S9 wireless Bluetooth headphones with microphone from These super high-tech headphones pair with any Bluetooth enabled device and allow you to listen to music or talk on the phone without plugging into an audio jack. Declare your independence from cords and save 57% with today's kgbdeal.

57% OFF

$26 for iPad 2/The new iPad Bluetooth Keyboard with aluminum alloy case + shipping included from ($69 value)

There’s something incredibly satisfying about the tappity tap of an emphatic keyboard pounding that just doesn’t translate to the touchscreen. Enjoy the portability of your iPad 2 or The new iPad with the functionality of a laptop when you get a Rechargeable Bluetooth Keyboard from The Bluetooth keyboard allows your iPad to morph into a mini laptop that’s just as lightweight and stylish as ever, but still retains the keyboard that you’ve been missing. It also acts as a screen protector only to cover your device when you're not using it. Slide it right into your handbag and bring it with you everywhere. It’s only $26 + shipping included with today’s kgbdeal.

62% OFF

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$15 for $30 towards Women's shoes


50% OFF

$59.80 Cell Remedy Three-Pack Anti-Radiation Patches for $11.99 (Shipping Included)

The founders at Cell Remedy created its Radiation Blocker product out of demand. It’s a documented fact that the toxic radiation pouring from our every day electronics, and in particular our cellular phones, causes harmful side effects over time. Don’t just take their word for it. They implore you to do your own research; the more knowledgeable people become about the topic, the safer lives will be! 

79% OFF

$69 for a Complete Residential Furnace and Duct Cleaning from Fresh Air Furnace Services ($140 Value)

Just like a bowl of hot chicken noodle soup, if left neglected your home can also eventually lose its ability to warm your soul. Breathe in a clean sigh of relief when you leave the dirty work to the pros with today’s TeamBuy: $69 for a Complete Residential Cleaning of Furnace and 12 Ducts from Fresh Air Furnace Services. A family-owned company, Fresh Air Furnace Services proudly specialize in furnace and duct cleaning treatments along with furnace repair. Using a friendly approach for every single service, each staff member will strive to better the air you breathe by reducing the allergens found within your home! With today's deal, enjoy the benefits of a complete duct cleaning package, including one furnace and up to 12 vents within your home. Unlike some companies, Fresh Air Furnace Services rely on a unique two-way approach and a portable vacuum system, which will effectively chase away dirt and clean out your polluted passageways. As a bonus, you will also receive a $50 gift certificate valid towards an electrostatic filter and sanitizer, humidifier or purifier.

50% OFF

$30 Starter Kit for $19.99

With this offer you receive; one Hook UM! Space Shuttle Style, one Stick UM! Essential, and one Medium Note UM!. Hook UM! products are reusable, washable, and will not bring any damage to your walls/other surfaces. They can hold up to 10 lbs of weight on any non-porous surface.  Stick UM! products are reusable, washable, double-sided stick pads that can hold any flat-surfaced object weighing up to 1 lbs of weight on any non-porous surface.  Note UM! products are reusable, washable, and will not bring any damage to your walls/other surfaces. Perfect for jotting down memos, grocery lists, or things to do.  Products are available in an assortment of fun colors. Nanosuction technology used on the backing of products allows the user to reposition or move product wherever, whenever. UM! Brands sells innovative, reusable ‘nanosuction’ adhesive houseware such as well-designed reusable adhesive wall hooks, adhesives, and portable whiteboards for families, children, and students. Using a revolutionary patent-pending new material called EverSTIK - which uses ‘nanosuction’ instead of old fashioned glue and tape to adhere securely to any non-porous surfaces without leaving residue, we are able to create reusable and damage-free wall mounting products, bringing convenience and portability to daily lives. Stick UM!Note UM!Hook UM!

33% OFF

$25 for LED bangle watch in aqua + free shipping from Sinless Life ($50 value)

Telling time has never been so exciting. Put on an LED bangle watch in your choice of black, aqua, red or silver and instantly accessorize all those new outfits you just bought. The face lights up brightly, so you'll be able to see precisely what time it is no matter what. Look cuter than a Jetson at a moon landing party and save 50% with today's kgbdeal.

50% OFF

Exclusive Access to Full-Year Program at Kidville University Plus Platinum Membership

Choosing an education program for your tiny one can be a daunting task. Not only are the options are endless, but it's difficult to think about those first moments of separation! Let us make it easier for you. Kidville University (KVU) is a top-notch, early education program that guides little ones (ages 2-3.3 years) through social skills in a playful setting. Their classes stimulate natural curiosity using songs circles and music, art and sensory play, science and math exploration, and more. Each class also includes 30 minutes of gym time in Kidville's play centers, which offer blocks, dramatic play, a book corner, and small and big muscle play. With a small teacher to child ratio, KVU ensures individualized attention and a caring lap for your precious one to sit in.  Today's offer gets you a steep discount on their full-year program with three classes per week, beginning Fall 2012. You'll also get a Platinum Membership so that you can enjoy fantastic perks throughout the year (see Nitty Gritty for details). Already signed up for KVU Fall 2012? Grab our exclusive upgrade offer to add on the Platinum Membership and bump your two-class program to three classes per week.  To sign up: Click "Make it Mine" and you will be redirected to the 8moms by Kidville website Click on the first offer if you are new to KVU If you are already signed up for KVU Fall 2012, click on the second offer to upgrade Choose your location Click on the promotion code box and enter your voucher code Provide the remaining information requested and complete your purchase

46% OFF

Kitchen Backsplash Installation and Tile for Up to 40 Square Feet

Turn up the heat on commonplace kitchens with a bright backsplash of up to 40 square feetHead to this Buford showroom to choose from richly glazed 3x6 subway tiles or 4x4 natural stone tilesExperts deftly install your unique design to add a customized touch to your kitchenCertified local company is a member of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association Want more Check out Builders Floor Covering & Tile's website and Facebook page.

50% OFF

$200 to Spend on Furniture and D��cor

Take a vacation from boring d��cor with modern goods that are as stylish as they are sturdyBrowse a diverse selection of pieces for your home, patio, or office, whether a microfiber sectional, leather sofa, or dining room tableAdorn your bedroom with a five-piece set or browse home accessories, artwork, and lightingCentralized Coral Gables showroom location is your destination for sleek, contemporary designs Want more Check out A Design 4 U's website and Facebook page.

75% OFF

$150 to Spend on Prescription Eyeglasses

When it comes to making a big impact -- like going all out at your company's softball game -- you're the kind of person who goes the distance to get the job done. But if that passion causes your glasses to be impacted in the not-so-awesome way, take a close look at today's deal from Professional Eyecare Associates. Pay $50 for $150 to spend on prescription glasses at the company's four locations in Ridgeland, Canton, Madison, and Yazoo City. With a presence in the Jackson area for more than 25 years, this company's team of top eye docs provides the finest in personalized eye care. And with a wide selection of fashionable brands such as Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, and Armani, you'll get the custom-order frames that will give you a clear -- and clear-eyed -- advantage when you make your next big move. Want more Check out Professional Eyecare Associates on Facebook.

66% OFF

$15 for hot + cold slippers with TheraSoft Fabric from Body Comfort ($49.95 value)

Warning: Katy Perry's "Hot n Cold" may play on repeat in your head after you purchase today's kgbdeal. However, the benefits of this product far surpass what others might think of you incessantly humming this blueberry-headed songstress's lyrics. Take your pick (or buy all three) of the Body Comfort Hot + Cold Packs. Get the 2nd generation neck/shoulder hot + cold packs in mint or lavender for $19, the 2nd generation hot + cold pack for your back in mint or lavender for $17, hot + cold slippers with TheraSoft Fabric for $15 or get all three for $49. To use your reusable hot + cold packs, simply snap the metal coin inside until you hear a click, then shake back and forth for fast activation. Each pack reaches about 130 degrees Fahrenheit in seconds and stays hot for approximately 30-60 minutes. To return pack back to normal temperature, boil it in hot water for 15-20 minutes and let cool. For cold use, simply place the pack in the fridge or freezer. Body Comfort hot + cold packs are ideal for small, isolated problem areas and are perfect for soothing common problems like arthritis, Rheumatism, menstrual cramps, stress, tension and more. Soothe your muscles, sing a song and save up to 76% with your choice of today's kgbdeal.

69% OFF