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$24 for a .925 Silver Core Via Allegro Bracelet with Authentic IRIS Beads & Charms - Shipping and Taxes Included! ($

What You're Getting: $24 for a Via Allegro Bead Bracelet from Joseph Nogucci ($89 Value) Features/Specifications: Piece is a silver European serpentine charm bracelet with six Murano-inspired handcrafted glass beads of .925 silver core. Comes with five assorted Tibetan silver charms, 6 silver core beads, 5 Tibetan silver charms, 1 silver European serpentine charm bracelet, and 1 velvet pouch. Inspired by the clandestine and noble lampworking and glassblowing crafts later mastered in history by the Venetians on the island of Murano. How You Get It: Purchase your TeamBuy. Enter in your address information. Product will be mailed out to you once offer has closed.

Joseph Nogucci
73% OFF

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50% off organic chocolate fudge hemp protein at HempCo

Why We Love It We love chocolate fudge as much as anyone, but aren't as in love with how eating too much of it impacts our waistline and our workout. That's why we're glad there's vegan-friendly, gluten-free, non-GMO protein fudge that's jam-packed with Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. We're indulging and improving with HempCo’s Omega Pro hemp protein concentrate. For $15, you get a 6 x 60g bags of fudgy, chocolaty Omega Pro ($30 value) - try it blended in a smoothie for a dessert-like treat for breakfast. Each bag contains 2 x 30g servings, for a total of 12 servings. It’s easily digestible, water-solluble, non-allergenic, and doesn't contain the enzyme inhibitors that block protein digestion (commonly found in beans and legumes, wheat, and nuts). Hemp has been found to relieve symptoms of depression and poor circulation, stimulate digestion, reduce body aches, and improve your energy levels. Hemp really is a "super food!" To get a deal on 2kg of Omega Pro chocolate fudge hemp protein, click here. Ingredients - Hemp seed- Oreganox (oregano concentrate)- cocoa powder- erythritol (polyol sweetener)- natural chocolate fudge flavor About HempCo HempCo prefers a vertically integrated relationship between themselves and the farmers who grow their product, which means better savings for you. HempCo prides themselves on their commitment to providing sustainable whole hemp seed products, grown organically, without chemicals. HempCo is a member of the Sustainable Agronomics Food Essentials (SAFE) program.                  

50% OFF

$39 for 10 Classes at Moksha Yoga ($163.85 Value)

Practicing yoga helps you redirect the flow of your energy, just like rolling up your car windows and screaming. Find a peaceful place with this Groupon. $39 for 10 Yoga Classes ($163.85 Value, Including Tax) Students work to center their minds and strengthen their bodies during 60- to 90-minute classes in styles such as stress-reducing Yin and detoxifying Moksha hot yoga. Moksha Yoga Sustainable lifestyle choices, environmental consciousness, and building a sense of community: these are a few of the pillars upon which Moksha Yoga is built. The architect is Ted Grand, who drew from 12 years of training under yoga masters including Bikram Choudhury and Acharya Yoganand to develop his own special technique. Moksha's focus on clearing the mind of distractions, detoxifying the body through sweat, and building powerful core musculature can help practitioners overcome everyday obstacles from managing arthritis or stress to sliding out of tight crawlspaces. Moksha Yoga’s 75 studios operate under the caring supervision of a professional teaching staff. Their diverse backgrounds not only include years of yoga study, but also apprenticeships under Nobel Peace Prize winners and careers with Amnesty International. Both instructors and students are encouraged to share their positive philosophy off the mat as well: the company supports several charitable endeavours, and its studios are powered by renewable energy sources.

76% OFF

$19 for Three Decks of Custom Playing Cards from The Playing Card Factory (Up to $59.91 Value)

The secret to winning at poker isn't getting the best cards--it's organizing them into statistically improbable hands. Know when to hold 'em with this Groupon. $19 for Three Decks of Custom Playing Cards (Up to $59.91 Value) Customers choose a horizontal or vertical photo to place on the back of their deck. They can frame the image or simply let it expand to the edge of the card, and each deck can have a different photo or the same one.

67% OFF

$15 for 10 LED Multicoloured Balloons - Shipped to your Door! ($50 Value)

Any self respecting party planner will agree, lighting can make the difference between an average party and an unforgettable one. Make yours the latter courtesy of MadDeal and give your soiree a soft glow to delight your party guests with 10 12 inch multicoloured LED balloons for $15. These pretty party accents blow up just like regular balloons with air or helium transforming any celebration into an amazing event with dynamic balloon bouquets, glowing balloon arches, blinking balloon columns, or illuminated balloon walls. Sure to light up any dull party, these light-up balloons can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Use it for anything from weddings and special occasions to birthdays and more. Make your party an illuminating success, courtesy of MadDeal.

70% OFF

$15 for 12 Replacement Oral B Compatible Precision Clean Toothbrush Heads ($120 Value)

Visits to the dentist are never fun. With all that poking and prodding in your mouth it’s good to ensure your dentist has little to do. Keep that appointment short, sweet and absent of cavity fillings or root canals with today’s MadDeal. For $15 get 12 replacement brushes for your Oral B to help keep your teeth up to three times cleaner than a regular toothbrush. You have already experienced the joys of avoiding repetitive strain injuries from vigorous morning manual brushing with your electric toothbrush. Now you can continue to keep your teeth extra clean without the need to bankrupt yourself on those expensive Oral B brush replacements. These Oral B compatible brushes equal the high quality of Oral B originals at a fraction of the cost and will continue to let you maximize brushing performance by removing more plaque from hard-to-reach areas as well as continuing to be gentler on teeth and gums. Compatible with Braun Oral B Triumph, Professional Care, Vitality and Pro-Health machines, these brushes will help keep your teeth healthy and white. Smile with a sparkle and keep tooth decay at bay with today’s MadDeal.

87% OFF

$74 for an Afternoon Craft-Breweries Tour for Two with Tastings from Craft Brewery Tours ($148 Value)

Like smashing a snow globe against your forehead, tours can open up a fascinating new world right before your eyes. Go beyond the surface with this Groupon. $74 for an Afternoon Craft-Breweries Tour for Two ($148 Value) Custom tours take small groups on beer-tasting expeditions to three award-winning microbreweries, usually Black Oak Brewing Co, Great Lakes Brewery, and Mill Street Brewery. Other local breweries may substitute for these in case one isn’t available. Afternoon tours take place Monday–Saturday from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Craft Brewery Tours Craft Brewery Tours safely ferries small groups of passengers from brew house to beer factory, inviting guests to sample microbrews and small batches of Ontario’s most delicious beers, some of which aren't available for purchase elsewhere. Drivers cart bachelorette parties, corporate groups, and sightseers to multiple breweries, showing behind-the-scenes peeks into how all-natural suds, exotic brews, and award-winning beverages are made. During expeditions, visitors taste samples and at times meet the owners of a brewery, giving them the opportunity to prove that beer is actually made by people and not gifted from the top of Mount Olympus.

50% OFF

Kohler Products at Watermarks Kitchen & Bath Boutique (Up to 60% Off). Two Options Available.

A clogged toilet can repeatedly belch up a goldfish during its own funeral, relentlessly confronting your child with the concept of mortality. Resurrect your pipes with this Groupon. Choose Between Two Options $75 for $150 toward Kohler products $200 for $500 toward Kohler products The array of Kohler products includes a chrome Flipside four-function hand shower ($93), a chrome Simplice kitchen pull-down faucet ($231), a HydroRail-R shower column ($329), and a white Santa Rosa one-piece toilet with soft-close seat ($449). Watermarks Kitchen & Bath Boutique Within Watermarks Kitchen & Bath Boutique’s cavernous showroom sits a host of diverse design vignettes and kiosks. These stations present a carefully curated collection of kitchen and bath appliances from trusted brands, all laid out in realistic settings. Homeowners confer with Watermarks’ non-commission-based consultants, who then classify their tastes and preferences into one of five key styling themes formulated in consultation with homeowners, architects, designers, and builders. The themes cover a range of styling from the Pure, Clean, Contemporary collection’s minimalist designs to the Glamorous, Hollywood, Art Deco collection’s ornate hardware and Academy Award–shaped showerheads.

50% OFF

$99 for 4 Weeks of French or Spanish Survival Language Skills Course from Sol Schools International ($330 Value)

Want to travel the world but can't even call for a taxi en francais? Oh, por favor! Get the bare basics for getting around with today's TeamBuy: $99 for a 4-week French or Spanish survival language skills course, including all learning materials from Sol Schools International! With today's deal, you can get all the skills you need to get by in French or Spanish-speaking countries. The Sol Schools International survival language skills class will teach you the essentials for communicating in French or Spanish to ensure a smoother travelling experience. The deal is offered in both Toronto and Calgary offices and includes all learning materials.

70% OFF

$19 for Skullcandy Lowrider Noise Cancelling Headphones ($60 value) - Taxes Included!

It's not enough to just have your music pounding away inside your head as you make your way through life. Nope. You want to look good too. And these Skullcandy Lowrider headphones do both - music sounds good, you look good. It's win-win. These stylish headphones drop a deadly sound and style bomb on the outdated world of audio products. The over-ear headphone design packs a monster 40mm power driver into a super small lowrider chassis, so when you plug them in you're guaranteed to blow the cobwebs out of every nook of your cranuium. Pick up some sound blasting style for only $29 and enjoy your music the way it was meant to be heard, courtesy of MadDeal.

68% OFF

$49 for a Stunning 7-8mm Multi-Colour Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Set ($108 Value) - Shipping and Taxes Included

That elegant piece of jewelry can really make the difference to an outfit. Whether you are dressing up for a night out with the girls, a semi-formal business meeting or even just a casual brunch with friends, take your outfit to the next level of style and chic with this elegant pearl jewelry set. These perfect accessories can add some real glam to your attire and are yours for only $49 courtesy of Blue Jade Jewelry. Featuring a stunning necklace, bracelet and earrings, this classic jewelry ensemble oozes elegance and style and can be worn with your formal or casual attire, making it as versatile as it is gorgeous. Shimmering in peach, white and purple, these gorgeous silver pearls are genuinely and verifiably of the highest quality, hand-picked by experts and unmatched in their luster and glow. Accentuate your elegance and class, only with this classically elegant MadDeal.

54% OFF