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$119.99 Clara Clark 1600 Thread Count Egyptian Comfort Sheets for $39

Bring the ultimate in sophisticated elegance and lush comfort to your home.  This sheet set is guaranteed to offer a sumptuous, dreamy, and restful night’s sleep to those who crave luxury.  The pleated-edge design lends perfectly tailored, understated style to any bedroom.  The fitted sheet measures 14-inch deep to ensure a perfect and snug mattress fit, and will accommodate mattresses up to 16 inches deep. • Available in King, Queen, Full, Twin, and Cal King sizes• Brushed microfiber with cool, lustrous feel and silky touch• Regular set includes flat sheet, fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases (1 with twin)• Fade-resistant, Machine wash• Wrinkle-free Website

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67% OFF

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$50 for Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy with 3 books, blindfold, handcuffs + free shipping from Overstock-King ($100 value)

Whether you're well acquainted with Christian and Ana or you just keep hearing about them and want to learn more, this Fifty Shades bundle will answer all your questions (and then some). Either read the series for the first time or revisit your favorite pair of unlikely lovers in the hotter than hot Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. You get all three paperback novels (which is perfect for those of you who only have the e-Book version right now), a pair of handcuffs and a sexy blindfold. Play out all your fantasies and follow along with the book. For just $50 with today's kgbdeal, it may be just the boost that your relationship needs.

50% OFF

$10 for set of 6 Australian crystal hair jewels + free shipping ($25 value)

Curls are cute and ponytails are pretty, but sometimes your hairstyle could use a little something extra. Add a touch of sparkle with a set of 6 Australian crystal hair spin jewels. These twinkly, flower-shaped hair accessories are easy to twist into your hair and can be used for weddings, special events, fancy parties or nights on the town. You'll get 6 colors, but you won't know what they are until they arrive in the mail. The surprise is half the fun! Save on some fun fall fashion and enjoy free shipping, too with today's kgbdeal.

60% OFF

$14 for Power Cube Universal Charger from ($49.99 value)

Your packing list should always include the Universal Power Cube from, especially when your travels include Europe, Australia or any other country that requires outlet adapters. Keep your electronics charged with this sleek and steamlined cube, which directly charges your iPhone via sync cable. It also comes with all the necessary outlet adapters for travel, and it's small enough that you won't need to sacrifice bringing that cute pair of shoes. Don't leave home without it and save 72% with today's kgbdeal.

71% OFF

$105 for Tom Ford women's sunglasses FT0131 57F Pearlized Beige + free shipping ($425 value)

The thing about cheap imitations is that they’re cheap. And they’re imitations. Get the original and never look back with a pair of Tom Ford women's sunglasses and put on the look of pure luxury. The stylish shape is paired with 2 different frame styles in 2 different colors each that all look super chic. Solidify your celebrity status for 75% less with today's kgbdeal. 

75% OFF

$10 for an LCD Screen Cleaning Kit with Brush - Tax Included ($20 Value)

What You're Getting: for $10 you get an LCD Screen Cleaning Kit with Brush ($20 Value) Features/Specifications: Provides a safe alternative to traditional device cleaning. Ensures there are no additional streaks or liquids left over. Removes dirt, grime and more from your LCD screen. Measurements: 7 x 4 x 9 Inches. How You Get It: Purchase your TeamBuy. Pay shipping charge and enter in your address information. Product will be mailed out to you once offer has closed.

45% OFF

$15 Medis Fuel Cell Power Emergency Kit + shipping included from Smart Surplus, Inc. ($49.99 value)

Despite it sounding like something that could only happen to Bad Luck Betsy, you too could get caught in a blizzard while driving on the highway at the same time your phone dies and gas light goes on. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst with today's kgbdeal. For only $15, you'll receive the Medis Fuel Cell Power Emergency Kit from Smart Surplus, Inc. This emergency kit includes a recyclable, replaceable 24/7 portable generator, 1W charger to connect the generator to your cell, four adapter tips (micro USB, mini USB, standard Nokia and Nokia 2mm) and even a flashlight to help you see your way through bad conditions. The Fuel Cell Power Emergency Kit is easy to use. Simply squeeze and shake it to activate, insert the adapter in the generator first, then connect to the flashlight or your cell. You can power your device anywhere and in any emergency situation. Power your phone when you need it most and never get caught in a Bad Luck Betsy situation, plus save 70% with today's kgbdeal.

69% OFF

$49.95 Black Diamond CZ Stud Earrings for $2

Here's a great gift for someone you love or just for yourself. These studs feature 1.50 carat total weight enhanced black diamonds with 14K White Gold plated. 6mm wide. Website

96% OFF

$2 for a universal underwater phone case from Temi LLC ($34 value)

Everyone enjoys some waterside fun, except, maybe, your phone. Take away the fear of the water with a universal underwater phone case for $2 from Temi LLC. This handy dandy, protective case is designed to float if dropped in water, which means your dear old friend will stay in tip-top shape. Splashing, waves and a bit of spray from the shower while you feverishly write a text with shampoo leaking in your eyes, won't affect it one bit. Maintain full phone functionality and email, text, listen to music, take photos and surf the web from the comfort of your pool raft or boogie board. Have all the waterside fun you want at 94% off with today's kgbdeal. 

94% OFF

$17 for 3 Perfect Bras from Stock 2 Retail ($78.36 value)

You’ll be tempted to burn your old bras in favor of these seamless, full coverage alternatives that offer absolute comfort with no pinching, digging, drooping or skin squishing. Give a warm welcome to 3 Perfect Bras in white, black and nude. With their wide shoulder straps and expandable fabric, this truly perfect bra conforms to the body's shape and cup size to deliver amazing comfort all day long. Declare freedom from discomfort and choose size S, M, L, XL or XXL for just $17 with today's kgbdeal.

78% OFF

$10 for Neon Blue iPhone Wallet + free shipping from Sundae Sky ($40 value)

You know that nightmare where you suddenly realize that you're out in public with no clothes on - or worse, with last season's clothes on? Your iPhone goes through that every day, for real. Just as you'd never dream of stepping out without a well-coordinated outfit, your loyal iPhone would really like to go through life with the same dignity. Make amends and take a look at this hot neon outfit made just for your fashion-forward phone. Keep your iPhone safe, snug and fashionably adorned in a Neon iPhone Wallet from Sundae Sky. Take your pick of hot blue, green, pink or yellow and also enjoy practical slots for your cards and a zippered pouch for change. Do the right thing in the name of style and save 75% with today's kgbdeal.

75% OFF