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$119.99 Clara Clark 1600 Thread Count Egyptian Comfort Sheets for $39

Bring the ultimate in sophisticated elegance and lush comfort to your home.  This sheet set is guaranteed to offer a sumptuous, dreamy, and restful night’s sleep to those who crave luxury.  The pleated-edge design lends perfectly tailored, understated style to any bedroom.  The fitted sheet measures 14-inch deep to ensure a perfect and snug mattress fit, and will accommodate mattresses up to 16 inches deep. • Available in King, Queen, Full, Twin, and Cal King sizes• Brushed microfiber with cool, lustrous feel and silky touch• Regular set includes flat sheet, fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases (1 with twin)• Fade-resistant, Machine wash• Wrinkle-free Website

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Online Negotiation Skills Course

Even though we're the most polite population on the planet, Canucks can be nice and still get we want -- thanks to today's deal for an online negotiation course from OpenSesame. Pay $20 (regularly $40) for 19 hours of online training that will teach you expert negotiation tactics for business and daily interactions. The first portion covers how to interpret body language, how to best tie in written correspondence, and how to use timing to your advantage, while the second part teaches you good negotiation habits and how to gain the upper hand. Handling fear and counteroffers and how to close a deal are taught in the third, and the final section provides context for everyday negotiation scenarios, equipping you with the ability to save money when buying a car, raising your rates, closing a loan, or returning a purchase. You'll have access to quizzes and simulations, and users say this course "covers many scenarios" -- giving it a broad appeal that's been recognized by Yahoo! News, Learning Solutions Magazine, and courteous Canadians everywhere.

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$10 for 4 pairs of Silicone Gel Heel Liners from BSTS ($40 value)

It's as inevitable as five o'clock traffic. We're talkin' sore, achy, tired feet after a long day in a pair of your cutest, newest heels. But why shouldn't you wear them just because they hurt? After all, your mother always said, "It hurts to be beautiful." Well, thanks to today's offer, it doesn't have to hurt any  longer. For only $10, you'll receive four pairs of Silicone Gel Heel Liners, from BSTS. These clear, almost invisible heel liners fit easily into any women's shoe and help prevent shoes from rubbing against your heel causing blisters, as well as from slipping off. You can even remove them as you wish without damaging your shoes... although, why would you want to remove them? Your feet will thank you and your wallet will be pretty impressed, too, when you save 75% with today’s kgbdeal.

75% OFF

$20 to Spend Online on Desk Décor, Accessories, and Gifts

The class clown always has to graduate and grow up -- but just because you work nine to five doesn't mean that your sense of humor has to go on a permanent vacation. Turn your office into a fun place to be with this deal: Pay $10 for $20 to spend online at Decorate your desk with a wide range of novelty gifts, from functional accessories like a retro TV mouse pad and five-port USB battleship-shaped connector to a range of irreverent notepads and prank signs. Stay organized with a control panel-themed pencil case made of 95% recycled material, or keep time with a mustache clock. With a huge assortment of birthday and holiday gifts and gags for girls and guys of all ages, this funky, kitschy site will help you give your workstation a healthy dose of personality. Want more Check out on Facebook.

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$55 5-Party Pack Grills for $24.99

With the EZ Grill, you can now have great-tasting grilled food without the mess and hassle of doing things the old way. Avoid having to use those clunky portable grills or unsanitary public grills at a park: the EZ Grill lets you grill outdoors anytime, anywhere! The EZ Grill also contains 100% natural charcoal dipped in mineral oil, unlike other brands that use charcoal with added chemicals that can then get into your food. Since the EZ Grill is portable, disposable and convenient, it's ideal for any occasion or location  – even in your own backyard. Grab an EZ Grill for any occasion!- Perfect for a day at the beach- Use it on your patio- Bring it on camping trips- Great for summer holiday parties- Take it tailgating- Keep on hand for emergencies- Have a picnic anywhere- Use it inside of your gas grill The EZ Grill is easy as 1-2-3!- Lights with one match- Cooks for up to 1.5 hours- Environmentally friendly- 100% natural charcoal Website 

54% OFF

$150 to Spend on Prescription Eyeglasses

When it comes to making a big impact -- like going all out at your company's softball game -- you're the kind of person who goes the distance to get the job done. But if that passion causes your glasses to be impacted in the not-so-awesome way, take a close look at today's deal from Professional Eyecare Associates. Pay $50 for $150 to spend on prescription glasses at the company's four locations in Ridgeland, Canton, Madison, and Yazoo City. With a presence in the Jackson area for more than 25 years, this company's team of top eye docs provides the finest in personalized eye care. And with a wide selection of fashionable brands such as Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, and Armani, you'll get the custom-order frames that will give you a clear -- and clear-eyed -- advantage when you make your next big move. Want more Check out Professional Eyecare Associates on Facebook.

66% OFF

Key chain iPhone charger $2 for a Key chain iPhone charger ($19.95 value)

The Offer: $2 for a Key chain iPhone charger ($19.95 value) Don’t you hate it when you forget to bring your Iphone charger with you or when your phone dies? Well have no fear the iphone Key chain charger is here. Made of durable plastic the 30 pin iphone port can charge your iphone 3,4, ipod, ipad at a moment’s notice when connected to any standard USB port. This is a must have for the iphone user. My iphone barely makes it through half a day without the batteries dying! Always have an iphone 4/4s charger handy when it’s on your key chain! Compact and lightweight, easy to carry and storage Easy to use, just connect your device with PC/Laptop to charge and sync High speed USB 2.0 for fastest data transfer Conveniently charge and transfer data for your iPhone/iPad/iPod

89% OFF

$18 for two bra and delicates washing balls from Widget Love ($50 value)

While most high school students would prefer the AC/DC version of the song, here at kgbdeals, we are interested in a different version. While reaching out for the greatest way to get clean garments at a discounted price, we composed our own song about clean balls, and shortly after they were lead directly to the experts at Widget Love who introduced us to the Bra and Delicates Washing Balls. Get clean bras and delicates when you get one washing ball for $10 or two for $18. Simply toss your bras or delicates in the plastic case that features ventilation slots, and be amazed when your garments come out of the washer and dryer without losing their shape. You'll notice a big, clean difference when you save up to 64% on today's kgbdeal.

64% OFF

$39.99 Wine Bottle Umbrella for $19.99

Style and function unite in this uniquely designed Wine Bottle Umbrella from Trademark Home Collection™. A full sized umbrella housed in a stylish, compact carrying case that appears to be a bottle of wine! When opened the umbrella features a design that corresponds to the bottle on one of the panels. Return the umbrella to the bottle for secure storage and no drip mess, perfect for traveling and carrying in a purse, bag or vehicle. Fashionably protect yourself from the elements with Wine Bottle Umbrella from Trademark Home Collection™. Product Features:- Wine Bottle Carrying Case Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 12 inches- Umbrella (Open) Dimensions: 38 x 38 x 23.5 inches- Strap in Handle for Hanging Bottle When Not in Use Available in five colors:- Black & Silver- Red & Black- Red & Pink- Silver & Black (Different than the black & silver)- Yellow & Black Website

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$175 to Spend on Glasses, Sunglasses, and Contact Lenses

You've been involved in some eye-opening experiences, but your blurry vision has made those magic moments feel a little more fuzzy than they should. Make those events more memorable by focusing on today's deal from Vincent Optical: pay $29 for $175 toward glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses. Locally owned and operated, Vincent Optical brings extensive eyewear expertise to King Street West every Monday through Saturday. Browse a selection of designer frames that'll make your eyes pop, or try on a pair of trendy shades that'll protect your eyes -- and look great doing it. Complete with proven reputation for providing fantastic service, Vincent Optical is sure to keep you from being blindsided in the future.

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$38 for 24 Classical & Trendy Macarons from Pavillon Ledoyen ($80 value)

In the original lyrics to the song, Yankee Doodle was going to stick a feather in his hat and call it a macaron, but he couldn't confuse such a delectable, gourmet treat for a feather. Instead, he fueled up on macarons before riding on his pony. Taste the melt-in-your-mouth goodness that Yankee Doodle tasted when you grab your choice of today's kgbdeal: $20 for 12 Macarons Classical Assortment, $20 for 12 Macarons Trendy Assortment or $38 for 24 Classical & Trendy Macarons Assortment, courtesy of Pavillon Ledoyen. The flavors in the Classical Assortment are chocolate, vanille, café, caramel, pistache and raspberry, while the Trendy Assortment includes white chocolate/lemon, chocolate/mandarina, lime/yusu, poppy/chocolate-raspberry, nougat/apricot and licorice/vanilla. These delicious, smooth and creamy treats are great for parties, as gifts or simply for the purpose of feeding your inner goddess, but no matter how you enjoy them, you'll save up to 53% with today's kgbdeal.About Pavillon Ledoyen: More than 250 years ago, Pierre-Michel Ledoyen began making his own macarons, spirits and other delicacies in a small inn, where cattle grazed sleepily outside. In the centuries that have followed, chefs at Pavillon Ledoyen Paris have had ample time to perfect the recipes for balsamic vinegar, foie gras and chocolate truffles. Macarons fill glass cases, their colorful flavors ranging from vanilla and pistachio to metallic-hued licorice or poppy. 

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