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$29 for Two Pairs of Cufflinks + Free Shipping ($99 Value)

Ever since neck scarves and patterned velvet suits went out of style, fashionable fellas everywhere have been struggling to express their sense of style in ways that don't make people ask, "Where's the costume party?" Stylin' studs, rejoice! Today's deal for 71% off fun, unique and classy cufflinks from Good Cuff is just for the guys!For work or play, cool cufflinks are an ideal way to show some personality and add a trendy touch to your buttoned-up suit. Check out superhero and comic themed links, for the ultimate in geek-chic, or try Cuban cigar or Martini links to convey your man-on-the-move style. More of a traveling man? Snag sailboat, silver jet, double-decker bus and automotive-inspired cufflinks to express your wanderlust. And of course, for the perfect gift for pops, you can grab "No. 1 Dad" and "I ? My Dad" cufflinks.Make linking your cuffs one seriously stylish endeavor with today's deal from Good Cuff!

70% OFF

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RedTulip Boutique - Purchase Online! $25 - Get $50 worth of Clothing, Jewelry, Home Decor & More from RedTulip Boutique!

Look to the online retailer of all things bling for you and your home this holiday season with today's deal for $50 worth of merchandise from RedTulip Boutique! If you want a little western in your life, choose from the vast array of cowboy/cowgirl themed clothing, jewelry, belts, boots, home decor! Also available are religious jewelry pieces, wallets, book covers, etc. Would make a great gift for the holidays! Red Tulip Boutique is the one stop shop for women\'s apparel, footwear and more. Select from a large inventory of shirts, wallets, bracelets, watches, rain boots and flip flops among others. There are products available for girls and men.

50% OFF

$24 for a 2-Pack of High-Waisted Shapewear or High-Waisted Shaping G-Strings - Tax and Shipping Included! ($105 Value)

What You're Getting: $24 for a 2-Pack of High-Waisted Shapewear or High-Waisted Shaping G-Strings ($68 Value)! Features/Specifications: Each pack includes 1 black design and 1 nude design. The High Waisted Underwear is designed to reduce the figure by up to one dress size by shaping and smoothing the stomach and lifting the bottom. The garment has a breathable cotton crotch and non-slip elastic hem, which creates a sleek silhouette beneath any outfit. Perfect for office wear and fitted dresses. High-Waisted G-String is designed to shape and smooth the stomach while maintaining the comfort of regular underwear. The garment has a breathable cotton crotch and non-slip elastic hem, and can reduce the figure up to one dress size. Material composition: nylon, spandex, cotton. How You Get It: Purchase your TeamBuy. Enter in your address information. Product will be mailed out to you once offer has closed.

77% OFF

$16 for 2 Slap Watches in Your Choice of 6 Colors ($158 Value)

Remember slap bracelets from the nineties? They've been given a millennial update! Now slap watches are the newest, coolest thing to rock on your wrist. With today's deal, you'll get two slap watches with interchangeable faces for a splash of color. Instead of connecting with a buckle, the band simply wraps around your wrist easily and securely for a comfortable accessory. Choose white, black, green, dark blue, orange, or purple; get contrasting colors and create a fun look when you change out the faces!

89% OFF

Save 73% Lauren St. Julian - Silver Plated Mesh Ring $20 - Beautifully Crafted "Tiffany Inspired" Silver Plated Mesh Ring ($75 Value)

Lauren St.Julian "Tiffany Inspired" Silver Plated Mesh Ring Sterling silver plated Mesh Rings are fun, fabulous jewelry design. Tiffany inspired and stylish, they go with everything in your closet! About Us: Timeless pieces of strength, beauty, reminiscent of the old days of enterprising housewives and alpha male husbands. The entire collection was named after the designer's grandmother, Lauren St. Julian who was a great source of guidance and unwavering love to others. This jewelry collection was designed as jewels to be discovered, each piece handcrafted with the finest materials and specially designed from the designer's heart to yours.

73% OFF

$17 for the Pawalla Monthly Goodie Box for Pets ($26 Value)

Pawalla was built from the belief that our loving pets should enjoy a varied diet of healthy foods and treats, just as we would want for ourselves. They provide a monthly selection of premium, all-natural wet foods, delicious treats, healthy supplements, essentials and toys. All foods are hand selected by their in-house pet nutritionist based on the age and size of your cat or dog.

34% OFF

$19 for a HealthSmart™ Color Changing LED Shower Head ($53.95 Value)

Dillyeo started out as a family operated closeout business that has been in operation for over 36 years. As specialists in the closeout business for over 3.5 decades, they know how to sniff out a deal from miles, and sometimes, continents away, and their low prices on great quality products proves just that. It is their goal to provide not only amazing deals, but to provide the marketplace with useful items at a great price. Through the challenging times, and through the good times, it always makes "dollars and sense" to save money on the items you need.

64% OFF

Fun Kids' Tattoo Earring Gift Pack from bINK'd

Like many little girls, your daughter loves the idea of wearing earrings, but is not ready or willing to get her ears pierced! Ouch. Skip the sting of pain and potential for infection and grab today's fun offer from bINK'd. For just $15, you'll get an all-in-one gift pack that includes a purse set with premium child safety scissors, a water pen applicator, and 4 containers holding 6 pairs (or 12 designs) of bINK'd tattoo earrings in each. Choose from the following design themes:  End of the Summer: Watermelon, smiling sun, ice cream cone, strawberry Back to School: Red apple, school bus, smiling sun, pumpkin Falling into Fall: Ghost, pumpkin, football, apple Vacation: Dolphin, sea turtle, dragonfly, kit Holiday: Tree, clover, bunny, red heart Your little one will have so much fun with today's offer, and it's a great activity to do with friends!

50% OFF

$20 for $40 Worth of Jewels from Lauren Klein Jewelry

You love it when your girlfriends compliment your necklace, ring, or earrings. And you love telling them where you found your new accessories. We love finding jewelry that reflects our signature style. Choose from a beautifully curated collection of jewels to choose from when you send him this offer from Lauren Klein Jewelry. Grab something for yourself or pick up some diamonds for your gal pals, daughters, or relatives!

50% OFF

Up to 67% off Evil Eye Jewelry with Your Choice of Combinations

According to history, the Evil Eye is a look that is believed by cultures around the world to be able to cause injury or bad luck for the person it is directed at for reasons of envy or dislike. The idea of the Evil Eye has caused many cultures to pursue protective measures against it, in for the form of jewelry, home decorations, balls, found on boats, and everything else you could imagine.

54% OFF

$15.75 Designer Style CZ Bracelet in 2 Styles - Shipping Included ($39.99 Value)

There are few things in life better to a woman than getting something pretty, and the Designer Style CZ Bracelet is a way to get that beautiful accessory without breaking the bank. The simple but interesting twisted design with CZ accents gives it an expensive, glamorous look that is also versatile. We're sure this bracelet will become a new wardrobe staple, so scoop this up before we run out!

60% OFF